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About Simpy Tungsten

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About Simply Tungsten

At Simply Tungsten, we take pride in crafting fine jewelry that men want to wear. Our jewelry is meant to be worn, and when we say worn, we mean it like a farmer’s favorite blue-jeans worn. When you buy jewelry from Simply Tungsten, you know that whether you’re scaling the tallest mountain, diving in the deepest ocean, or just facing the everyday challenges that come from actually living, you’re protected. Our replacement guarantee is as solid as our products, and that’s saying something. We’re honored that you have come to us for this special purchase. We know this means something to you. We know that this is about more than metal; this is about communicating love, honor, respect, and commitment. We know you take this purchase seriously, and rest assured that at Simply Tungsten – so do we.

Thank you,

from all of us at Simply Tungsten