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Buying a Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

Tungsten Carbide & Blue Ceramic Comfort Fit Ring -6mm

Buy a Tungsten Carbide Men’s Wedding Ring from Simply Tungsten

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal with the highest melting point of all metals – 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Once Tungsten is combined with a carbon alloy it is transformed into tungsten carbide and becomes extremely hard and and is widely utilized in industrial applications. These rings can only be damaged through extreme measures such as abrasion from diamonds, vice grips, or high impact situations like being struck with a hammer. Simply Tungsten promises the highest quality in all of our products. Our Tungsten Rings are made from the purest materials using the latest manufacturing techniques from leaders in tungsten jewelry. Our inventory is constantly updated to offer the very latest and most popular styles to guarantee a satisfied shopping experience. A wedding ring is one of the first important decisions you will make together as a couple. Men’s Wedding Rings have traditionally been made of gold, Stainless Steel, or platinum. Today, the selection of metals is broader and tungsten carbide has quickly become a leader in men’s jewelry. Tungsten Carbide is cost effective and comes in a wide range of styles and designs allowing individuals the ability to have a unique ring as a reflection of their personality.