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Ring Sizing Information

Steel soldier black ring with dark red wood inlay inside ring men unique fashion engagement jewelry

Simply Tungsten Ring Sizing Information

Please note Tungsten Carbide Rings run approximately .25 of a size large than most other ring types.  If you do not know your size it is ok!! Use our free sizing chart and plan accordingly because we would hate for you to get the wrong size ring. Click Here to Download our free sizing chart to figure out your ring size from home! In addition to our sizing information here are some tips that will help you select the right ring type for you:

  • Lifestyle – Before making this important purchase consider what the person wearing it does on a regular basis.  Most men wear their wedding bands all day every day. If a manual labor worker a ring must be tough and durable to withstand all of the conditions it will go through every day. More elaborate bands are typically softer and might appeal to someone who does not run into high physical situations.
  • Personality – Tungsten carbide rings are very popular with style conscious men concerned with more than the standard width, weight, and color of a wedding band. Tungsten Carbide rings come in a wide variety of styles to fit your unique personality.
  • Physical Build – When considering all of the choices Tungsten has to offer consider a wider heavier band for a larger individual while a slimmer lighter band typically fits a smaller individual comfortably.